South London Review of Hand Dryers
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SLRoHD Issue 3

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They say all the best things come in threes.
They do say that don't they?
They don't?
Well, shut up, because the SLRoHD issue 3 is out now and it is the best.

Its another 24 (recycled newsprint) pages of guaranteed dry humour from the leading lights of hand dryer theory.
Featuring a review of the new Dyson Airblade 9KJ (!)
Poetry and Haikus by Phill Collins
Tall tales about finger nails
A trip to the Job Centre in Deptford
An interview with the artist @worry_lines
Original artwork by @ed.garland and @hpj.flora
And personal ads that encroach upon your personal space. says "Ones of the funniest things I've read in ages. And I don't even like zines..."

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